Preliminary testing

Today my brother and I came up with the idea to start this blog after we tried out some recipes our mom shared on her Facebook page.  Between yesterday and today we made 3 different items. We didn’t document the actual cooking for these but here are the initial recipes.

First, we made Reese’s Gooey Cake Bars.  The original recipe came from Inside Bru Crew Life .These weren’t too hard to make. Overall, they tasted ok. We didn’t think the condensed milk on top was really necessary and I needed a lot of milk to go with it.



Next, we made made a chocolate almond braid. The original recipe is from Tasty. This was delicious and super easy.  I’d make this 100 more times.


Finally, for breakfast today, we made an apple braid from eat, live, run. We had no patience to make our own dough so we used puff pastry. This was also great and pretty easy. I’d eat this again.


Thanks for checking out our test recipes and stick around for some more quality posts. If you’re interested in more pictures, check out my instagram @yourmomsposts.


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