Taco-Stuffed Peppers

Another day, another recipe.  Today’s recipe is from Tasty.

I was looking forward to this recipe because it was very similar to a chicken taco chili recipe but in a pepper.  It looked good and seemed pretty easy. So I gathered all the ingredients to start.


This recipe was pretty easy after you prep everything.  I cooked the rice in a rice cooker while I was prepping everything else.  Instead of a regular onion I used shallots because apparently, when a blizzard comes, everyone wants onions and there were none left at the store.  I took the super lazy approach and instead of chopping them up I threw them in the Ninja.  I thought this would help avoid my eyes burning but oh how wrong I was.  All it did was postpone the burning.  I opened the lid of the Ninja and then proceeded to say “Oh my God!” over and over until my husband, Josh, came running into the kitchen and then called me a pussy for complaining since I did not even chop them. True love.

I decided to add some green chilies that I had leftover from the day before to try to make the recipe spicier. I used my own taco seasoning instead of a packet.  They give you a recipe for one in the directions but they had cornstarch in there and that is just dumb and unnecessary.  I shredded my own cheese because we had some and cut and scooped out the peppers and then my prep was done.  Finally.

I decided to try and be cool and make a video of the process but I had to use my cell phone and I ended up holding it the wrong way so it looked like crap.  It was pretty much just me adding stuff to a pot, stirring it up, putting that into peppers and putting it into the oven.  Now I saved you 2 extra minutes of your life.

I ended up adding a bunch of hot sauce to the mix after because it was not spicy at all.  I also did not cook the peppers for as long as they said because Josh doesn’t like mushy peppers (what a pain in the ass).


The best part was when the peppers were done and I had to take them out of the loaf pan and plate them.  There is definitely a reason why they never showed this step in their video.  Josh stood by and laughed at me while I tried to get these damn peppers out.  He doesn’t like cheese so I was able to use tongs for his without messing up anything aesthetically.  Mine, however, was a disaster.  I didn’t want to ruin the cheese so I couldn’t use the tongs to grip the bottom and top, but trying to use them to grip the sides just made everything squish out the top.  I tried about 5 times and then finally was able to grab it and lift it out only to drop it onto my plate and cause a huge mess.  There was sauce all over my counter and coffee pot.  Awesome.  The picture below does not to the mess justice.


Overall, this recipe was pretty good.  I don’t know how necessary it is to put it in the pepper though.  That just slowed down the eating process.  I’d make it again though and probably just throw it in a tortilla.

Check out the video of Josh making a mess while eating the pepper on my Instagram @yourmomsposts


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