Breakfast in a Mug

So these recipes my mom shared came from Tasty.  This video actually has 3 breakfasts you can make in a mug; a blueberry muffin, omelette, and a banana cinnamon cake.  I had to make all of these recipes at work because you need a microwave and we do not have one.  I feel like this is a running theme so far.  Every recipe involves something I don’t have.

Monday: Blueberry muffin mug

I was looking forward to this.  Blueberry muffins are delicious. If there is a good way to make these faster, I’m all about it.  Unfortunately, this is not the way.  Let’s just say I am really glad I brought extra food with me to eat as a backup.

So I added all my ingredients.  The video made it seen like this was going to make a lot of batter so I used a larger mug.  This was unnecessary.  PhotoGrid_1455549622977

I cooked it for a minute to start with.  The top was cooked but the bottom was still raw so I stirred it up a bit and then put it in for another 20-25 seconds.  There was still a little batter at the bottom after this but I didn’t want to overcook it so I left it.

The final product looked nice but it was disgusting.  It tasted like nothing and the texture was just gross.  I’ll stick to just baking blueberry muffins the good old fashioned way.



Wednesday: Banana Cinnamon Cake

So I had very low expectations for this after the blueberry muffin.  I mashed up the banana and added all my ingredients to the mug and then tried to cook it.

The same thing happened while cooking where the bottom did not cook.  I’m starting to understand why they did not use a clear mug.  $20 says that the bottom of their muffins weren’t cooked.  Anyway, I mixed it up a bit and cooked it some more.  I think I cooked it for a little over a minute and a half.  Taste wise, it wasn’t horrible.  I think the banana was able to mask a lot of the crappy taste.  Would I make it again?  No. Just no.



Thursday: Omelette

To start with, this recipe asked for onions AND scallions.  That is unnecessary.  I used just scallions because I already had some.  This recipe I knew was going to work.  I have cooked eggs in the microwave before but it is essential to stir every so often so it cooks evenly.  So I added all my ingredients and put it in the microwave.


I think I ended up cooking this for about 2 minutes and stirring it every time the eggs rose to the top of the mug.  This I would do again if I wanted eggs at work and was too lazy to plan ahead.


So what did we learn this week?  Never bake in a microwave and always bring a back up breakfast.

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