Cat Cave

A post without food and I already had all the supplies? FINALLY.

This cat cave from Cole & Marmalade is something my mom actually tagged me in.  The supplies you need are a box, a t-shirt, and scissors or a knife.


First,  remove your cat from the box.  This step may need to be repeated many times.


Then, take a wine box and cut off the top flaps.


Repeat step 1. Next, place the t-shirt over the box so the neck hole is in the opening.


Flip the box over, roll the excess t-shirt fabric, and tie in a knot.


Tuck each sleeve in so there is no fabric hanging out.


Finally, marvel at your handiwork and watch your cats investigate the box but not actually go in it because you ruined a perfectly good box.

By the end of the night I saw Ozzie inside but Batman didn’t give a shit. Pretty easy DIY though if your cat likes cave-like spaces.  It only took me about 5 minutes.

Check out my Instagram for more fun pictures @yourmomsposts!


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