Napkin basket

Look out world because I made a video!

This post my mom shared was posted by Ayoub Naaili but the video is from the INNOVA manualidades YouTube channel.  The person who put this on Facebook literally took the other person’s video, cut out their commentary, inserted music, and sped up the video. So what did I do?  I filmed myself making this and put music to it.  I am an innovative genius.

I used a pack of napkins I got for $1 that are 6 x 6 inches.

The final product was cute but pretty tiny to actually be useful.  This might be nice to put on a table you have set up with food and snacks but making a lot of these would be obnoxious.

I only made one of these baskets and I think I’m going to leave it out as a decoration in the apartment and see if my mom notices it when she comes over for Mother’s Day.  I will report back.

Hope you enjoyed my first video and I’m hoping to make another one soon.  Until then, check out my shenanigans over at my Instagram @yourmomsposts.



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