Cinnamon Roll Fireball Shots

This recipe was posted on Facebook by Country Living Magazine.  Now Fireball has turned into quite the huge thing around here.  I myself went through a huge Fireball phase about 2 years ago but I don’t drink much any more.  Despite not drinking it lately, I was looking forward to trying a new way to drink it.

So Steph and I got some cream soda and Fireball and even bought the whipped cream. She was under the impression she had cinnamon so we never bought any.  When we returned home we discovered it was actually cinnamon sugar.  Good enough.


The recipe is 1 part Fireball to 3 parts cream soda.  I stirred it together and then poured into a shot glass and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar.


Time to try it out.


Sweet baby Jesus! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

You would think the cream soda would mask some of the fireball taste. NO. It was just a lot of Fireball.  The whipped cream didn’t even leave my glass so that was a huge waste of time.

Now here comes the best part.  Since I used a shot glass to measure, there were 4 shots worth of this stuff.  I did not want to waste it and figured maybe it’ll taste better the second time around.

Insert long break of us just dancing around the kitchen to Pitbull’s song Fireball on repeat here.

So we take the next shot aaaaaaaand….

and no


If you try this out and think it’s not as horrible as we did, let me know!

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