Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Sangria

Let me start this off by saying that I was not entirely sure if I was allergic to kiwi or not when I went to make this.  Years ago I suddenly became allergic to a ton of fruit and vegetables, some just when raw, others just completely.  I was also allergic to hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios. Within the past year or 2 I discovered I could eat a lot of these foods again by trying small amounts of them and seeing if my throat still closed.  One thing I hadn’t tried yet was kiwis.  I figured we’d just make it and see how it goes. C’est la vie!

This sangria recipe is from Buzzfeed. They’ve really been pumping out those recipes lately.

The ingredients you’ll need are:
1 lb strawberries
1 lb kiwis
1 cup light rum
1 bottle white wine (such as sauvignon blanc)
1 bottle sparkling wine, chilled (such as cava)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3 oranges
A pitcher or other large container (I used a half gallon pitcher. It wasn’t big enough.)


I bought a 4 pack of wine because it was cheaper than a 750ml bottle. Fun fact: 4 bottles equals 750ml.

I started hulling out the strawberries with a straw like every life hack on the internet says to do.  Jesus H that was a pain in the ass.  I gave up after about 5 and just cut the tops off.

After the strawberries are all cut, take half of them and put it in a pot with the sugar and water to cook.  Cook this mixture enough so the strawberries will fall apart.


Let it cool for a few minutes and then strain into a bowl.  It says to use a mesh sieve and push the strawberries through.  This didn’t really turn out like I expected it to.  The strawberries looked like shit and it was impossible to push through.  I would have preferred pureeing this and then straining out any seeds. Anyway, take the strained mixture and cool in the fridge for a bit.  This is turning into quite the lengthy recipe.

While the mixture was cooling I juiced the oranges and had my cousin cut up the kiwis.  This is where I took a bit of one to see if I was allergic.  There was a slight reaction after a while but nothing life threatening so in the pitcher they went with the remaining half of the strawberries, rum, and white wine.


At this point, the pitcher was full without the OJ being added.  We dumped some of this out into a pint glass for Steph’s friend Libby because she’s allergic to citrus.  This worked out for the best because there’s no way it would have all fit.  We added the OJ to the pitcher and then put it in the fridge for the “flavors to come together.”


This is direct from Buzzfeed:
“When you’re ready to serve, add around three-quarters of the chilled sparkling wine to the pitcher. Pour into glasses and spoon in fruit, topping off each glass with a bit of the remaining champagne so it’s nice and bubbly when you hand the glass to a friend.”

No. We had ZERO amount of space in this pitcher.  Instead, I poured some sparkling wine into our glasses first and then poured in the sangria and fruit.


Now, how did it taste?  Like a mimosa.  I think our oranges were bigger than the ones they used for this recipe.  If you look at their directions, it states that you can substitute fresh juice for a few splashes of bottled orange juice or lemonade.  We had about 2 cups of juice from our oranges so it just overpowered the whole mixture.  Libby’s version tasted a lot better because you could actually taste the strawberry and kiwi.  Now I know for next time.


Check out my Instagram @yourmomsposts for more pictures and some behind the scenes spoilers.


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