Ball Pit for Cats

Pet’s Delight shared this adorable video of a cat playing in a DIY ball pit and my mom thought I should try it out.

I went on Amazon right after she shared this to price out some balls (haha never gets old).  The inexpensive ones had some crappy reviews.  They were super thin and you didn’t actually get the number it said.  Great.  So I just filed this away for a later date.

Josh and I were wandering around a thrift store one day and I came across a bag of balls for a ball pit for $2.99 but everything was half price that day so I got them for $1.50.  Jackpot.

To be honest, these then sat in a bag in the closet for 2 weeks before I finally tried this out.  I threw all the balls in the tub with water and vinegar to clean them first.


I was going to use a cardboard box but I am a forgetful person and never remembered to bring one home from work.  We did have a clear bin hanging around so I used that instead.

The cats were all about the box when it was empty.  I put the balls in and they were not having it.  There were some sniffs a little later and Ozzie did end up getting in the box 2 times but that was it.  Glad I didn’t waste too much money on it.

Check out some funny pictures and a video of the cats completely baffled by the ball pit on Instagram @yourmomsposts.


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