Paper bag stars

This post was shared from SITS. I have never heard of the page before but I actually saw this tutorial from WhatsUpMoms about a week earlier.  I’m pretty sure that’s where they got it from because they posted their video 4 days after WhatsUpMoms.

Here’s what you need:
Paper bags- I got mine from Target’s Bullseye’s playground. They were treat bags and were 10 for $1
Glue- SITS used hot glue, WhatsUpMoms used a glue stick


The video my mom shared gives no supplies or instructions.  WhatsUpMoms specifically said that if you are using flat bags, like the treat bags I had, you need 12 bags.  If you have a flat bottomed bag, like a lunch bag, you’ll need 7 bags.  Now since these bags came in a pack of 10 I thought, that’ll be fine.  I probably don’t really need 12.  Don’t be like me.  Don’t be an idiot.  You need 12.

The process is pretty simple.  Lay one bag down on the table.  Place your glue in a T shape, a line down the middle and then across almost at the bottom of the bag.  Lay a second bag directly on top of the first bag in the same direction.  Repeat until you’ve placed your final bag on top.

To make your fan have a pointed edge, cut the tops of the bag into a point.


Now at first I did this with 10 bags.  I glued them all down and then opened the fan and was like “Ooooooo. Now I see why you need 12 bags.”  10 bags did not let the first and last bag touch.  Now time to salvage my disaster.


I carefully peeled apart all the striped bags.  I then redid the whole process, altering the striped bags and the starred bags.  Then cut the point again and opened the fan. TADA!! Maaaaaaagic.  It actually didn’t even look too shitty with the alternating pattern either.  Well, not to me anyway.  You can let me know if it looks terrible.


You have 2 options at this point to keep the star closed.  Either have a temporary way of closing it, so it can be folded back up for storing, or a permanent way.  I was trying to shoot for a temporary way because we live in an apartment with only so much storage.  I made a small hole toward the top of the points and put a string through the hole to hang it.  The bags weren’t really staying closed though.  There was a weird gap.  So I sucked it up and just glued it closed.  This project cost me $2 so I didn’t care.  To glue it, just lay your bags back down flat and put the glue in a T shaped on the top bag.  Open the fan and just press it together.  I just stuck my hands inside the two bags and pressed for a bit.  Then I put the string back in and marveled at my work.


My only complaint is that I really wanted to hang this on my apartment door but it doesn’t sit well.  It’s hard to describe so here’s a picture.  See how it’s sticking out?  I guess this would be better hanging from ceiling or maybe even a tree if your party is outside.

This was a fun and fast DIY.  If you make one for yourself, tag me on Instagram @yourmomsposts.



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