Turon (Filipino caramelized banana egg rolls)

This recipe was shared by Tastemade (full recipe here). Yet another recipe involving bananas.  I’m pretty sure my mom just sees a banana in a recipe and is like YES!

Here’s what you need:
8 square spring roll wrappers
2 ripe bananas or plantains
1/2 cup light brown sugar
Water for sealing wrappers
Vegetable oil


I edited what the recipe originally called for.  You’re supposed to cut the bananas into fourths so the math didn’t really add up to have 4 bananas and 8 wrappers.  I also thought 1 cup of brown sugar was unnecessary because you really only need less than 1/2 a cup.

Also, if you don’t know where to get spring roll wrappers, I found mine at Shop Rite.  They were near the tofu.  I literally walked around every cooler section looking for these except the one where they actually were.  Thank you customer service.

The amount of oil you use really depends on the pan you use.  I used a smaller saucepan so I could use less oil.  That meant I could only cook 2 rolls at a time but I have no life so I wasn’t in a hurry.

As your oil is heating up, prepare the rolls.  Cut each banana into 4 pieces by making one cut down the middle from top to bottom and then cut those pieces in half again.

Take out one wrapper and lay it down so one of the corners is pointing at you.  Take one piece of banana and roll it in the brown sugar.  Place the banana on the wrapper and roll it up.  This is hard to describe, so if you’ve never rolled a spring roll before I suggest watching the video.  I rolled all my bananas up and then was ready to start frying.

I would like to point out here that Josh told me to “get the oil really hot” which was clearly a mistake because my first 2 rolls turned turned brown in about 10 seconds.  I don’t really fry things so I was already convinced I was going to burn the house down, and when they instantly were going to burn I was like “No no no no no no no!” I turned the heat down and waited a couple minutes and tried again.  That was much better.

You need to put the rolls in with the seam side down so they don’t pop open.  Once the bottom starts to turn brown, flip the rolls and continue cooking. In the video they say to sprinkle brown sugar on the top after you flip them but I was hoping to reuse this oil so I sprinkled sugar on them as soon as I took them out.


Now I made the mistake of not trying one as soon as they were done.  We just ate so I was full and figured eh I’ll try it tomorrow.  I tried one the next day and it was just ok.  I did reheat it in a toaster oven but they probably would have been a lot better when they were fresh.  The chances of me making these again are pretty slim.

For more pictures, check out my Instagram @yourmomsposts.


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