1-pot honey garlic chicken dinner

I feel like this was inevitable.  My mother shared a Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken recipe that I already made.  In her defense, it wasn’t exactly the same.  This version was written based off of the video and even used screenshots from the original video in their post.

I made this again because I had mentioned in my first post that I might change some things.  First, I thought it would be helpful to put all the chicken in the bottom so that they all sat in the liquid while they cooked.  Second, I was going to not burn the shit out of them in the broiler. Third, I was going to make more of an effort to thicken up the sauce.

Disclaimer: I seriously half-assed this recipe.  I already made it once, I had made several other blog posts earlier, and Orange Is The New Black season 4 was out.  Priorities people.

I also forgot to take pictures of all of this because I’m a slacker.  So check out the original post to see more pictures.

So I made the sauce and cut the potatoes and carrots.  I put all the chicken at the bottom, the potatoes and carrots on top and poured in the sauce.  I cooked this on high for about 3 hours.  It says to cook it for 4 but we were in a bit of a time crunch because we had plans.  I say we because my cousin came down to watch OITNB with me.

I opened the lid when it was done and just took out a piece of chicken and a few potatoes and carrots.  I didn’t even bother broiling the chicken this time. There definitely was a reason they put the vegetables in the middle of the chicken.  The potatoes and carrots were all pretty much raw.  I didn’t have any time to fix the disaster I made so I just left it in the pot and refrigerated it overnight.

The next day I took it out and cooked it for another 2 hours.  This allowed the potatoes and carrots to cook completely.  I forgot all about adding the green beans to cook both days.  This whole thing was just a hot mess.

Once it was done cooking, I removed all the food from the crock pot so I could thicken up the sauce.  I added about a tablespoon and a half of corn starch into the sauce and whisked it until there were no lumps.  I have a regular cook button on my crock pot so I just hit that for 20 minutes and left the lid off.  I would like to be able to tell you that it took 20 minutes to cool down but I really have no clue.  For some reason the time never went down so I don’t know how long it really cooked for.  The sauce thickened up really nicely though and was just as delicious as I remember.

So long story short, follow the directions from the original post but cook the shit out of the sauce to make it thicker once it’s done.


For more pictures and general shenanigans, check out my Instagram @yourmomsposts


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