5 minute curls anyone can do

Yeah, anyone who wants to waste a bunch of foil maybe.  This video from Girls Creativity shows a girl curling her hair by wrapping sections in foil, and then using a straightener to heat up each section.

Within the first 5 seconds of the video, they have the text “curly hair in less than 5 minutes” appear.  So now we went from 5 minutes, to less than 5 minutes.  I’m already calling bullshit you guys.

So the video continues with her rolling up sections of hair and wrapping foil around them.  She does this around her whole head.  It’s hard to tell exactly how many she got but it is at least 8.  Then the video says “hold hot flat iron on foil for 30 seconds.” So if you have 10 sections of hair, that’s already 5 minutes.  She then takes them out and her hair has a curl but just toward the bottom.  It gives her hair nice volume though.

Now, my turn.

Disclaimer: The pictures aren’t super great because I had to use the front facing camera on my phone because Josh wasn’t home to be my photographer.  Also, I didn’t put make up on because I was lazy.

I bought foil at the dollar store because I’m not about to use the good, name brand stuff on this project. I also only did half my head because I wanted to see how it compared to just using the straightener to curl my hair like I normally do.

So I rolled up sections of my hair around my fingers and then wrap foil around them.  That was a little difficult.  I ended up doing 5 sections.  I then took the straightener and clamped down on the foil making sure to get the whole piece.

When I was on the 4th one, the 2nd one fell right out of the foil.  After I finished I took them all out.  The first curl didn’t look too bad actually but the others weren’t great.  They failed to mention you should probably let them all cool before removing the foil. It took me just over 6.5 minutes to do just half of my head.

The pieces that I didn’t let cool didn’t even curl.  They fell flat almost immediately.

I then used my straightener and curled the other side of my head for comparison and this took me just under 6.5 minutes to do.

This was a waste of time for me.  I am definitely never doing this again.  I would love to know how that girl got her hair so perfect though.


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