Paper bag stars

This post was shared from SITS. I have never heard of the page before but I actually saw this tutorial from WhatsUpMoms about a week earlier.  I’m pretty sure that’s where they got it from because they posted their video 4 days after WhatsUpMoms.

Here’s what you need:
Paper bags- I got mine from Target’s Bullseye’s playground. They were treat bags and were 10 for $1
Glue- SITS used hot glue, WhatsUpMoms used a glue stick


The video my mom shared gives no supplies or instructions.  WhatsUpMoms specifically said that if you are using flat bags, like the treat bags I had, you need 12 bags.  If you have a flat bottomed bag, like a lunch bag, you’ll need 7 bags.  Now since these bags came in a pack of 10 I thought, that’ll be fine.  I probably don’t really need 12.  Don’t be like me.  Don’t be an idiot.  You need 12.

The process is pretty simple.  Lay one bag down on the table.  Place your glue in a T shape, a line down the middle and then across almost at the bottom of the bag.  Lay a second bag directly on top of the first bag in the same direction.  Repeat until you’ve placed your final bag on top.

To make your fan have a pointed edge, cut the tops of the bag into a point.


Now at first I did this with 10 bags.  I glued them all down and then opened the fan and was like “Ooooooo. Now I see why you need 12 bags.”  10 bags did not let the first and last bag touch.  Now time to salvage my disaster.


I carefully peeled apart all the striped bags.  I then redid the whole process, altering the striped bags and the starred bags.  Then cut the point again and opened the fan. TADA!! Maaaaaaagic.  It actually didn’t even look too shitty with the alternating pattern either.  Well, not to me anyway.  You can let me know if it looks terrible.


You have 2 options at this point to keep the star closed.  Either have a temporary way of closing it, so it can be folded back up for storing, or a permanent way.  I was trying to shoot for a temporary way because we live in an apartment with only so much storage.  I made a small hole toward the top of the points and put a string through the hole to hang it.  The bags weren’t really staying closed though.  There was a weird gap.  So I sucked it up and just glued it closed.  This project cost me $2 so I didn’t care.  To glue it, just lay your bags back down flat and put the glue in a T shaped on the top bag.  Open the fan and just press it together.  I just stuck my hands inside the two bags and pressed for a bit.  Then I put the string back in and marveled at my work.


My only complaint is that I really wanted to hang this on my apartment door but it doesn’t sit well.  It’s hard to describe so here’s a picture.  See how it’s sticking out?  I guess this would be better hanging from ceiling or maybe even a tree if your party is outside.

This was a fun and fast DIY.  If you make one for yourself, tag me on Instagram @yourmomsposts.



Ball Pit for Cats

Pet’s Delight shared this adorable video of a cat playing in a DIY ball pit and my mom thought I should try it out.

I went on Amazon right after she shared this to price out some balls (haha never gets old).  The inexpensive ones had some crappy reviews.  They were super thin and you didn’t actually get the number it said.  Great.  So I just filed this away for a later date.

Josh and I were wandering around a thrift store one day and I came across a bag of balls for a ball pit for $2.99 but everything was half price that day so I got them for $1.50.  Jackpot.

To be honest, these then sat in a bag in the closet for 2 weeks before I finally tried this out.  I threw all the balls in the tub with water and vinegar to clean them first.


I was going to use a cardboard box but I am a forgetful person and never remembered to bring one home from work.  We did have a clear bin hanging around so I used that instead.

The cats were all about the box when it was empty.  I put the balls in and they were not having it.  There were some sniffs a little later and Ozzie did end up getting in the box 2 times but that was it.  Glad I didn’t waste too much money on it.

Check out some funny pictures and a video of the cats completely baffled by the ball pit on Instagram @yourmomsposts.

How To Maximize Kitchen Drawer Space

Nifty (by Buzzfeed) shared this post about how to maximize your drawer space by using foam board, wrapping paper, tape and a knife.  This project cost me $3 because I bought it all at the Dollar Tree.  Since my drawers are already organized, I volunteered Stephanie’s messy kitchen drawer.


Here is the before picture of her drawer. This was exactly how it looked.


Now, since this drawer is not just for her larger utensils, she has a tray for her forks, spoons and knives.  This needed to stay in the drawer because it was the best place for it so I made it work.

First we cleared out the drawer and measured it to line the bottom with wrapping paper.


Next I put the utensil organizer back in and we mapped out how many slots she wanted and how big they needed to be. We only cut one divided out of foam board and wrapped it to make sure it fit before we kept cutting.


Once we put it in place, we cut out 2 more of the exact same size for the diagonal sections and one smaller one to section off the space behind the organizer.


The post says to tape each side in place and then voila!  I put one piece of tape on each side, one on the left and one on the right, of the pieces like the video shows.

Later on I noticed that everything seemed to be moving around.  I don’t know if it was because of the tray being in the drawer but I decided to add extra tape. I put an extra piece of tape on each side so there was was tape on the front and back on both the left and right sides.  I left Steph’s apartment the next day and asked her to keep an eye out over the next few days so I could see how well this project actually held up.

One week later, and she says it is holding up well.  SUCCESS!!

I’ll probably try to do this at my mom’s house when she finally lets me organize her kitchen.  She probably won’t even remember she shared this video.

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Napkin basket

Look out world because I made a video!

This post my mom shared was posted by Ayoub Naaili but the video is from the INNOVA manualidades YouTube channel.  The person who put this on Facebook literally took the other person’s video, cut out their commentary, inserted music, and sped up the video. So what did I do?  I filmed myself making this and put music to it.  I am an innovative genius.

I used a pack of napkins I got for $1 that are 6 x 6 inches.

The final product was cute but pretty tiny to actually be useful.  This might be nice to put on a table you have set up with food and snacks but making a lot of these would be obnoxious.

I only made one of these baskets and I think I’m going to leave it out as a decoration in the apartment and see if my mom notices it when she comes over for Mother’s Day.  I will report back.

Hope you enjoyed my first video and I’m hoping to make another one soon.  Until then, check out my shenanigans over at my Instagram @yourmomsposts.


Cat Cave

A post without food and I already had all the supplies? FINALLY.

This cat cave from Cole & Marmalade is something my mom actually tagged me in.  The supplies you need are a box, a t-shirt, and scissors or a knife.


First,  remove your cat from the box.  This step may need to be repeated many times.


Then, take a wine box and cut off the top flaps.


Repeat step 1. Next, place the t-shirt over the box so the neck hole is in the opening.


Flip the box over, roll the excess t-shirt fabric, and tie in a knot.


Tuck each sleeve in so there is no fabric hanging out.


Finally, marvel at your handiwork and watch your cats investigate the box but not actually go in it because you ruined a perfectly good box.

By the end of the night I saw Ozzie inside but Batman didn’t give a shit. Pretty easy DIY though if your cat likes cave-like spaces.  It only took me about 5 minutes.

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