It’s harder than you think

My mom shared one of these statuses so I figured it’d be a quick post.  Here is what she posted…


Now my turn.


Name – Lauren
Animal – Night owl
Girls name – Layla
Color – Auburn
Movie – Nebraska
Something you wear – Adidas
Drink – soda
Food – Apple
Item in the bathroom – electric toothbrush
Place – Hawaii
Reason to be late – I overslept (story of my life)


I know this was a short post but I was happy to get an easy one.  This woman is killing me with all the shit she is sharing.

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Only a chef will master this quiz

According to this quiz, “Normal people will 4 or less correct on average.” Based on their grammar alone, I’m going to have to question their credibility on this.

My mother took this quiz and scored a 10 but I had pretty low expectations for myself, especially when the first question for me was about potatoes in Peru.  Going back to this site, I found that the questions are the same but they put them in a different order every time. My choices are below, so if you want to see how you do, take the quiz before you keep reading.

Let’s get started!


I randomly guessed this one.  How the damn hell would anyone really know this?  I can’t believe my mother actually got this correct.


In my defense, I thought this was some sort of trick question.  They went out of their way to say British chef and I was second guessing myself and just chose something other than my initial choice of tablespoon.


I did not actually know this answer for a fact but it was similar so I went with it.


Easy one. BOOM


I knew that maize was corn and so was polenta so this was an obvious choice for me.


This one was also an obvious choice for me… because I am a genius.


Thanks to my parents knowing a bunch of French, I already knew the answer.


I’m a fan of Shirley Temple drinks so this one I knew too.


Another easy one.


I enjoyed this question.


So let’s see the results…


Would you look at that? I am apparently a chef. Suck it quiz.  Which ones did I get wrong? The first 2.  I am very disappointed in myself for question 2.


Go take this quiz and let me know how well you did.  Feel free to go waste some more time by checking out my Instagram @yourmomsposts.